Cloud Design Facciate - Workshop Tectonic Re-Appropriations - Politecnico di Milano


Workshop Session MIAW - Politecnico di Milano

This week long workshop used the urban condition of the Milanese facade  to focus on the relationship between conceptual sketching, parametric modeling and tectonic assembly thereby challenging the role of architectural language in contemporary practice.  

Each student developed a parametric logic for the relationship between building facade components, focusing on the interaction between interior and exterior, light and shade, solid and void and collective and unique.

Inherent in this process is the production of logical sets of variations. Students were introduced to the contemporary logic of producing multiple solutions to one design problem; while at the same time, the intense exposure to advanced digital fabrication tools yielded a strong appreciation for the relationship between geometry and materiality.

Here, traditional modes of the design culture intertwine with progressive modes of the contemporary practice. Computational geometry and its capacity to retain complex sets of relationships provide glimpses of new urban fabric strategies all deeply rooted in the history of architectural culture, design and craft.

Instructors: John Nastasi and Stefano Converso