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RevitVSTA Summary

Store_Selections - It builds some virtual boxes, where recovering the past selections to compare each other

Random_Selection_Panels - It picks, accidentally, a number of panels between the selected, equal to the chosen percentage

Set_Color_In_View - It changes the color of the edges of each type, in the active view

Bridge_Of_The_ Peace - It places points in the space, following the shape of the roof of a bridge - Conceptual mass

Physical_ID - Before it loads a family in the .rvt, then it creates and rotates some istances of it

S.A.T.: the Truss - Writing and reading of text files to interact with other softwares

Setting_Line_Color - This code allows to set the color of all the lines within the document

Shape_Discovering - This code shows, by listing, the relationship between points and 3D snapped model lines - Conceptual mass

Line_By_Selected_Points - This code creates a line joining two selected points - Conceptual mass

Get_Nodes - This code lists some features of a Structural Frame (columns and beams) - Project Based

Naming_ReferencePoints  - This code allows to assign a "personal id" number to each reference point in the Comment Field - Conceptual mass

New_Caledonia -  This sample creates new family instances along an arc (inspired by Renzo Piano's project)

All the examples require Login to download the files


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