Roof for a boathouse

The design consists in a roof system
for covering boats  in yards.

The client is a Boathouse near Civitavecchia Harbour,
72 Kilometers North East from Rome.

The Boathouse is growing and is in need of new
roofs for boats to be used in a new extension of
the existing space.

some actual pictures of the Boathouse.


Characteristics requested of the roof:

  • Movable/usable in different sites
  • Washable
  • Bright
  • Make use of fotovoltaic
  • Cheap

Client also asks to have space to cover boats
of very different dimensions. Therefore roofs
also need to be of different height and width.

To achieve that, we designed a parametric geometry
for the roof, able to generate different dimensions
for the roof while mantaining the same form.

This part of the work is sponsored by software house
Bentley Systems, which is providing us the platform
Generative Components with a one year free license.


For this project we took as reference greenhouses, typical structures of rural architecture, and the MOMI Tent of Future System.


The structure consists in four arches which strain the material of the roof.


Thanks to Generative Components this is a parametric  modular roof, in fact the module could have infinitive configurations.


Scheme of the structure


Scheme of the structure with the membrane



Cut path of the membrane