In order to let everybody know what I'm doing, i publish here a small description of my procedure. My aim is to design a component which can improve acoustic performances for somebody who is looking at the TV or listening to the radio, in his room.

I'm speaking english so professor Nastasi can understand as well. I apologize in early for my english.


i) STUDY MODEL: i want to produce a study model as easy to use as possible. In order to do this, i need two components: the spines and the ribs. It is necessary in this fase to check the quantity of wood i'm spending, i'll probably do so by a schedule.

ii) ACOUSTIC ANALiSYS: i'll submit this model and his istances to an acoustic analisys. I've never made this kind of thing; i reckon i'll be using ECOTECT, but we'll see. I'd need some kind of scripting to optimize my results...but i don't know how to do so. I think i'll be using some approximation method by Exel.

iii) CONSTRUCTIVE MODELING: once the best instance is sorted out, i will introduce  the constructive details into the model and re-check his acoustic. I exect the variations of this results not to be too different

iv) EXPORT: now i'm ready to export my data in autocad, as mr devoto want

I'll publish my next steps soon.