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 My work moves on



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ComponenteDevoto_Prototype fabrication & assembly

Last week i've been fabricating a prototype of my component at Devoto's.

What we've made is the diffusive part of it: we succeded in assemblying two modules, while the other four plus a very rough sitting will be fabricated next week. Starting from data i've produced (see last posts), process has involved these steps:

ComponenteDevoto_Prototyping process (part 2: data out of geometry)

Departing from the last post, i continue explaining how it is possible to sort data out of geometry. I will talk to mr. Devoto soon departing from what i've produced, in order to understand how to make a prototype for ComponenteDevoto.



1_family modeling

ComponenteDevoto_Prototyping process (part 1: geometry as a data)

 In the end we arrived to the protyping phase. 

Nevertheless, i must say that in Roma me, stefano and prof. Bianchi together we have not found instruments in order to make acoustic analisys on to-scale models. Therefore the only possible strategy today seems to be prototyping a real scale ComponenteDevoto's diffusive system, in a configuration we find interesting, and look for results by analysing it. 

ComponenteDevoto_About the form

 An important feauture of this current design is the form: which has to gather two important requirements.


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