2009 Heritage

Books a book is a tidied-up structure containg all posts related to a certain work.


Other Contents  The contents are organized using tags, following is a list.

About the course 2009:


tesi: Projects under development as Master theses:


Devoto: work being developed for CNC fabricationin collaboration with our partner DevotoArredamenti (www.devotoarredamenti.com)


CNC: Numeric control fabrication, CAM - CAD sperimentation, real experiences and case studies.

The course is aimed at discovering new digital design and tecniques: CNC plays a central role in this process. See also Prototypes we have designed and fabricated.


acoustics: post related on works exploring relations between form and acoustic performaces. Acoustic analisys as a tool for improving design merit.


GenerativeComponents: post related on work with software GC (mostly in Italian). The student work is supported by Bentley.

Project developer: Matteo Sarrocco
time: started May 2009 


Custom Families: development of downloadable custom families for Revit Architecture.

Questions, examples and problem solving for a central topic in BIM world -how to model and parametrize properly. 


 Data production: Software as Database are now able to carry out lot of information: unlike CADs, BIM software also allow to collect and export data out of a model.

This section is intended to discover formalities and potentials of these new design tools.


 Visual Basic: scripting for Revit Architecture.

Procedures for improving design form, aesthetics, performances, software interaction. Close to this topic, see also RhinoGrasshopper, committed to Rhino's visual scripting plug-in.