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Posts and discussions related to Visual Basic scripting through the VBTA module for Revit 2009.

SPLINE: working on script

We are trying to understand the potential of VB scripting within Revit, together with prof. Gian Marco Todesco
(thank you SO much!).


This post shows our attempt to generate a script that works on top of a given spline, drawn in Revit 2010.

Given a spline in R2010 the script: 

1-attaches N reference points to it; 

2-attaches a family to each refPoint;


11. Lezione Gian Marco Todesco. Scripting per il progetto

13 Gennaio 2009


Gian Marco Todesco, docente presso la Facoltà di Metodi e modelli matematici per le applicazioni ha tenuto una lezione dal titolo "scripting per il progetto", nella quale ha introdotto il lavoro condotto all'interno del suo corso mediante scripting in Visual Basic all'interno di AutoCad.



As Stefano suggested me, I tried and simplify my product. Therefore the design i'm about to describe is made of just one element, whose variation produces the result.







The essential idea is to create an angle and exploit his bisector.

Revit VB MACRO hints

I spent last saturday working on scripting with prof.Todesco; i publish something we've discovered and a macro. 


1_common problems


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