tesi di laurea centrate sulle tecniche parametriche di progettazione

Tutorial Grasshopper Part 3

Eccoci nella terza parte del tutorial.

Qui vedremo come generare una struttura reticolare attraverso la mappatura di una superficie.


As images show, a componente devoto protoytipe is fully assemblied. What we need now is to analize acoustics and design a final version, thinking a lot about the sitting.

ComponenteDevoto process history is moving to 2010 site from now on.


changing constructive system

In my first meeting with mr. Devoto, he suggested me to re-think the whole design for productive reasons.

Departing from this, i made different acoustic considerations, given the lack of possibility to analyze the situation with RAMSETE.

understanding acoustics

In this crucial phase of the projet i moved to prof. F.Bianchi and arch. Giancarlo Bianchi firm.

Together with them i entered into an acoustic definition of the problem, while we started discovering that our attempt to make acoustic analysis on such-a-scale 3d model was going to sank.

In this first phase we analized acoustic using RAMSETE a pyramid tracing software -totally unfit for this kind of analysis. 

a first geometrical (and useless) approch

Just after publishing the problem, i went deep into a revit parametric modeling of a reflective structure.

This approach wasn't suddenly identified as wrong beacuse of lack of information about acustic side of the problem, therefore i lost a lot of time looking after it.


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