ComponenteDevoto_towards FirstAssembly

I made some steps towards what i'm calling Study Model. I start from the component CostolaBase, whose name will be srd_Rib departing from now.


1-Trying to assembly

In order to assembly my ribs i open a new project file. I load and import the ribs: i control their instances creating a new schedule with my shared paramethers.

I realise only now that in this way I've no way to design and control the spines. Moreover, i don't control Height from level 0 of my ribs parametrically. For this I return to the Family in order to correct it. I create a new family as well, whose torsion is 0: that's the base for my component


Firstly i design the profile of the spine, at the level of the rib. My aim is to connect the n-th rib to the (n+1)-th with a solid loft. I do so with references lines plus a few (already existing) paramethers. After that I create the new paramether ALTEZZA (height). I'm loading now the families into the project.

I've now a nice first design.

The good thing is that I've exactly the profile of my spines. The bad ones, i realise this model is not useful for two reasons. 1, schedules don't work as a design table, so i have to insert my values MANUALLY, which is not acceptable at all. 2, in the project files, revit does not allow me to make solid loft.

For this I've to abandon this unpowerful toll.


2-Nested Families

As stefano suggested me, i'm trying to insert the rib into a new Family, nesting it.

I'm doing so for two reasons: 1) in this way i will have the possibility of making lofts   2) i can keep using paramethers (not allowed in project files), instead of having a schedule (design table not supported by REVIT).

Before nesting the family, i make an essential modify to the srd_RIB: i give it a label, using a new paramether which i call MARKER.This new paramether is not a text, but a number: in this way i can control the instances of each rib, beacause i'm going to treat them as they were dipendent from the MARKER. I can create progressions now, and i control each instance with just one move: by changing its "name".

 If i would change the "law"  which makes paramethers vary, i can do it directly in the family file srd_RIB. Here it is some examples: 



I can do whatever i want with this tool: i can control all the geometrical instances of my model (exept the surface of the boards, which i'm not taking into account for now).


What do you suggest me to do? Shall I make "part lofts" in the std_RIB family -which is extremely hard- or something else in the nested family?

Binary Data std_RIB.rfa268 KB
Binary Data nestedAssembly.rfa448 KB



waiting for others' comments,

if you want to control the profile of your extrusion,

you can use a separate family called "profile" to be used

for your extrusion along a path.

This way, you can have a separate control over it

(maybe using parameters also depending from your rule

and therefore making the model even more generative).

Is this your problem?

a presto,