ComponenteDevoto_a first acoustic advice

I asked for an help for studying acoustic. I would like to thank professor Bianchi very much, who has kindly accepted to give me an help with the acoustic feautures of my project. We had a first meeting yesterday: several facets of the problems have emerged.


Firstly, I submitted him my idea and his consequent design form.

Professor Bianchi mantains that, in his current design, since it would not effect the absorbtion of the whole ambient, it's difficoult for my model to work properly. The acoustic response shall indeed be, in his opinion, too dependent from the ambiental-acoustic conditions of the room in which the component will be put, while the aim of the analysis shall be the gaining of a component's configuration which makes negligible the ambiental responses.


Moreover, I submitted him the idea of using a Reflection Phase Grating as well.

This sistem could be useful in order to achive a micro-space very vell reverberated. Unfortunately, the grid is not supposed to be working with the "open sistem" I've thought, rather i'd have to think about a box system, which would work better for a number of reasons: 1) the box insulates the microspace which definies from external noise + reflected sound 2) exellent reverberation time inside the microspace - significant acoustic confort, due to reverberation control + boards diffusion (which should be achieved even in the "open system"). The box has two huge disadvantages: it would imply the use of an ingent quantity of material, moreover it would be extremely heavy and consequently difficoult to be beared.


PROs             smaller! | better design | lighter | diffuses well

AGAINSTs       could not work properly!! | does not absorb | does not insulate



PROs            reverberation control!!! | absorbs | diffuses | insulates

AGAINSTs      big! | heavy!! | ugly design? | huge quantities needed!


Me and professor Bianchi will have another meeting on friday. We will understand how to test the model with the proper instruments, in order to start the analysis next week.