Project for a shell aimed at improve natural acoustic locally.

ComponenteDevoto_spline-based geometry

Revit Architecture 2010 has a new sistem to control geometries: it's about the use of reference points and splines. This topic is very well explored by David Fano in his superb tutorials at DesignReForm
1_R2009: chained line vs spline
In revit 2009 it was possible to make splines: these were not parametrical though.

ComponenteDevoto_Acoustic Issues

In order to better study component's acoustics, i've got the chance to get and use COMSOL Multiphysics. It will be indeed possible me to make extremely accurate FEM analisys with this powerful software. Therefore I would like to thank COMSOL Group for this opportunity and for their support. Thus, the aim of this post is to declare all the issues i've got about acoustic behaviour of my component: form/acoustics interaction are the core of this project. I will make FEM tests in order to solve these doubts.


In these weeks, i've met or talked to several people. I publish a summary, in order to explain at what level the project is.


1_first time at Devoto's

I went to mr.Devoto for my very first time 3 weeks ago.

ComponenteDevoto_towards the mockup

In the end my idea for the Devoto's furniture will be fabricated. At present, i've a good -?- idea (the passive acoustic chair) and a very poor design, whose production is neither easy nor cheap. I will work on this path from now on: linking together design, production and acoustics better.


I've designed the elements of the acoustic chair thinking about
the nesting, and now i'm going to explain the nesting procedure for those pieces.
1_from elements to nesting Most of the space in devoto's boards shall be given to the rpg modules: a pouf model needs 2 x 35 = 70 of these elements, whose function is either acoustic, or static, or both acoustic and static.

Claudio Devoto commenting 1st Nesting Hypotesis, final reviews, February 25th


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