Project for a shell aimed at improve natural acoustic locally.


I'm going to update the site with the lastest news from the project. I'm starting with some images from the assemblies.

As i told, the variation consists in a customized angle plus the inner variation of each element




In order to finish my work for the ComponenteDevoto, i need to build up the constructive model, dimensioned to fit in the material mr.devoto gave us. I've started for that producing separate elements, to nest and assembly them easily.
I have all the necessary informations to make this step since the last post, in which i had found the forms, the elements and their customization.

ComponenteDevoto_contructive issues 2

Here i publish images from the pieces I need to realise. Rpgs panels are approximatly 20 x 80 cm, while other ones depends on the angle customization. These quantities are intended for the Stool customization and Chair customization.

I guess the wood could not be enough, for this i've thought about dividing components in two slices (anf nest the using the minimun space needed (how much is it?) like a rectangular array .


As Stefano suggested me, I tried and simplify my product. Therefore the design i'm about to describe is made of just one element, whose variation produces the result.







The essential idea is to create an angle and exploit his bisector.

ComponenteDevoto_new design_part 2

 I imagine the left half of my component to be essentially anti-simmetrical as regards the right one. Thus it will be possible to obtain a better acoustics, since the sound is better spread in a non.symmetrical ambient (as each small recording room).


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