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As Stefano suggested me, I tried and simplify my product. Therefore the design i'm about to describe is made of just one element, whose variation produces the result.







The essential idea is to create an angle and exploit his bisector.

ComponenteDevoto_new design_part 2

 I imagine the left half of my component to be essentially anti-simmetrical as regards the right one. Thus it will be possible to obtain a better acoustics, since the sound is better spread in a non.symmetrical ambient (as each small recording room).

componenteDevoto_new design_part1

 The last meeting with mr.Devoto made me think about a possible design of my chair.

ComponenteDevoto_constructive issues: what if...

I propose a new idea to produce my component better.

It could be imagined as a union of single ribs milled one by one and glued together (as stefano suggested) departing from a unique model, with his own parametrical shape. The RPGs in this way should have a plane which is not always the same, but depends by the tangent plane to the shape in every point.(i've read nothing about this use of the rpg: so its use could be innovative...and the results would probably be unexpected).

ComponenteDevoto_constructive issues

In order to meet mr.Devoto, i've produced a project model realising all the compnents I have in my mind to built up the acoustic chair. I've temporarly suspended the acoustic analisys for this reason.

The whole design is a little bit rude at the moment.




AcAna_use of scattering coefficient

In order to understand wheter the scattering coefficient (http://www.rpginc.com/research/r002a.htm) could be helpful for the analisys, i set up an "experiment".


AcAna_a week of analisys

During this first week of analisys, me and G.Bianchi attempted to understand wheter the software we use is able to analize a particular shape configuration, giving a precise result.

This verify is necessary for two reasons: 1) RAMSETE software uses a piramyd tracing system, which we didn't know yet if it approximates the sound as quanta of enenergy or if it considers its wawy nature (we need indeed this second form of analisys). 2) it's the very first time for bianchi to use this software, since the other ray-tracing softwares don't consinder the sound as a wave.


At last, I publish the very first result of the analysis. It took a little bit long because the program is not very easy to use, moreover G.Bianchi had never used it like this.
In fact we have spent these first meetings to set it up.


I have got an idea to solve my problem.

The idea concerns a new constructive sytem, which is strictly related with the examples proposed during the last lesson. I reckon this could be the right constructive concept, because it includes a changing shape, a ribs+spine structure anf the use of Reflection Phase Grating.

The final object is intended to be in a club or local, not in a house (it shouldn't be cost-competitive with an home theater system)

This contructive system is composed by 4 components:

ComponenteDevoto_acoustic analisys?

During the meeting we had on friday, me and professor Bianchi tried to understand how to analize the acoustic performance of my component. We tried moreover to understand wheter the box sistem is better than the open sistem.

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