tesi di laurea centrate sulle tecniche parametriche di progettazione

ComponenteDevoto_2009 summary

ComponenteDevoto is the former name for a project come out of TecnicheParametriche2009 course. Course indeed has an agreement with DevotoArredamenti, a furniture business in cisterna di latina (IT), for fabricating best design come out of an internal competition within the course.

Copertura per una rimessa barche

Il progetto consiste in una copertura per una rimessa barche che si trova a Sant'Agostino a pochi chilometri dal porto di Civitavecchia.

La struttura dovrà ospitare barche di diverse dimensioni che vanno dai 3 metri ai 10 di lunghezza.

Tutorial Grasshopper Part 2

ComponenteDevoto_Prototype fabrication & assembly

Last week i've been fabricating a prototype of my component at Devoto's.

What we've made is the diffusive part of it: we succeded in assemblying two modules, while the other four plus a very rough sitting will be fabricated next week. Starting from data i've produced (see last posts), process has involved these steps:

BIM-based structural interoperability in the early design stages

I have started my research studying different Structural Analysis software packages and trying to understand how I can import the necessary information into these.


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